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Singing Lessons

Time to Share Your Voice

Sing your dream songs with confidence and ease

When you have a mentor to help you understand your rare and precious voice everything becomes easier.

  • Glide through your vocal range
  • Shift styles on a dime (there is no “right” way)
  • Access those essential Broadway vocal qualities and still sound like you
  • Walk confidently into auditions and performances knowing exactly what do you need to do

Tired of just crossing your fingers and hoping it comes out?

Singing is muscular


When you know how to practice, compelling singing becomes easy and repeatable.

  • No more getting stuck straining in the same place every song

  • No more piecing together “tips” from YouTube to try to solve your problem points
  • Say goodbye to breaks in your voice (or put them back in – your choice!)

  • And finally- – Stop trying to prove you can sing, and just sing

1-1 Private Singing Tuition with Scot


Personalised coaching where the focus is on you and reaching your artistic goals – without the pressure, judgement and competition. 

Right from our first session we’ll highlight all of the best parts about your singing and identify where to focus your future practice.

I’ll roll up my sleeves and give you specific exercises and techniques to apply based on functional understanding of your voice and how it works, so that you can grow your range, expression and ease. 

We’ll go beyond the high notes and develop powerful and moving vocal performances that leave an impact on your audience – because there has GOT to be more to singing than “higher/longer/louder”.

My speciality is Musical Theatre. I love working with students to prepare for auditions, learn roles once they are cast in shows, and develop the vocal skillset and creative confidence for a career in this amazing art form.

Enrol in Singing Lessons

What’s included with private lessons?

  • Inspiring weekly private singing lessons with Scot. Put 37 private lessons in the calendar, make a weekly date with your voice, and watch it grow. Leave your worries at the studio door, and practice your craft in a calm and positive learning environment. 
  • Two stunning Vocal Showcases each year (Summer and Winter), so you can share your amazing work and grow your confidence performing in public.
  • A community of passionate singers who love musical theatre as much as you do. Find a duet partner, watch each other progress in showcases and masterclasses, and enjoy connecting with your tribe.
  • All sheet music and backing tracks (including transpositions and cuts) are provided, so there are no surprises when you go to perform.
Enrol In Singing Lessons

Hi, I’m Scot


For 10 years I’ve helped passionate singers like you go from musical theatre super fans to emerging professionals and leaders in their theatre communities.

Whether through private lessons or group classes with other passionate performers, I’m here to provide you with mentorship, world class information and the confidence to share your voice with the world.

I believe in constant professional development. I believe in the potential in every student. I believe in kindness first


Enrol in Singing Lessons

Liberty Jack

“I began singing lessons with Scot in Year 11 and since then he has absolutely transformed my voice. Scot enabled me to hit notes that I could never imagine and sing songs that I didn’t think were possible.

Not only has he transformed my voice but he has brought out a confidence in me that I didn’t think I had. Singing in front of people has always been terrifying to me but with Scot’s encouraging guidance I have been able to face my fears and perform to many in recitals and productions, including the lead role of Bonnie in Bonnie & Clyde.

Scot is an extremely talented performer and teacher who radiates positivity and genuine passion. Scot has lead me to pursue a career in the performing arts and I am forever grateful!”

Your Investment for Private Singing Lessons


Initial Consultation: $100

Annual Tuition: $3850 ($350 / Month Feb-Dec)

Enrol In Singing Lessons

Finding a teacher who’s the right fit is important


So, in our initial consultation we will

  • Have a chat and a laugh, talk about your journey so far and your goals for your singing.

  • Identify all of the best parts of your singing so you know what you are doing RIGHT.

  • Give you laser-focused feedback and practice tools for where you are now.

    My goal is for you to know exactly what you need do to move towards your vocal goals (even if we never have another session).

Then, if you enrol in ongoing lessons you’ll enjoy

  • Tailor-made singing lessons designed for your voice and your goals.

  • A learning environment that is all about possibility, exploration and enjoyment.

  • Access to world class information, using the same vocal techniques as artists on international stages.

  • A mentor (and cheerleader!) I’m looking forward to writing your reference for your dream musical theatre school. Mention me in your Tony’s acceptance speech, ‘kay?

Cassandra Wallis


“Finally, after a lot of investment (a move to London & being student to well-respected studios and teachers within the M.T. industry) I have ultimately found the most freedom, confidence and joy in singing since working with Scot, back home in Cambridge. 

Class is a super collaborative effort to find the most direct route to the best sound while also giving me the understanding to find that place again, independently. I appreciate Scot’s sound knowledge of the craft to so quickly solve issues and deliver results. It’s a positive and fun-centred environment. 

The studio showcase has been a game-changer for me – I think it is such a gift to his students, wherever in their journey they are at. 

Lessons have completely exceeded expectations. I feel so fortunate to have found such an inspired, knowledgeable and genuine coach to guide my vocal development.”