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Hi, I'm Scot


I'm a voice teacher, a dad, a husband, and a total Broadway nerd.

I'm all about giving passionate New Zealand singers access to world-class information, so that they can go from musical theatre super-fans to emerging professionals and leaders in their theatre communities.

This means going beyond the high notes (though I'll help you find those too) and mentoring you through acting and storytelling skills, performance opportunities and a big picture look at the pathway to your vocal dreams.

My Story


I can still remember sitting in my bedroom as a teenager "wasting" countless hours watching and re-watching every Tony Awards performance since 1989.

I had no idea that my geeky obsession with Broadway, combined with amazing training and mentors, would lead me to performing dream roles, premiering new works, and touring New Zealand multiple times as a singer and an actor.


It turns out if you are lucky enough to get access to good information, and you turn up every day and apply it, there is a real pathway from where you stand to your dreams.


I’ve seen it happen to friends, colleagues, students, and it can happen for you too.

Unique Perspective


Alongside 10 years of teaching voice, I have had an active career as a musical theatre performer and director. Recent roles include Javert in Les Miserables and Mr Banks in Mary Poppins. Recent directorial projects include The Little Mermaid, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Urinetown and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

My background as a working performer and director allows me to blend technical knowledge of the voice with artistry to cultivate outstanding performances.

Equally experienced in front of and behind the casting table I have unique insights into what makes a singer a must-have cast member.

My teaching is heavily influenced by the work of Jo Estill. Attending Estill Voice Training courses with internationally recognised expert teachers Anne-Marie Speed and Paul Farrington revolutionised the way I think about what is possible with the voice.

When you can identify the tiny shifts in the physical structures behind the sound, it’s like being able to see inside “The Matrix” – nothing is out of reach! As Jo famously said:


"Everyone has a beautiful voice, you just need to learn how to use it"


Teaching Highlights

  • Currently training to be an Estill Master Trainer with mentor Anne-Marie Speed (2025)
  • 10 years of private voice teaching
  • Member of the New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Voice tutor Southwell School 2022
  • Creator and lead teacher of the Musical Theatre Academy at St Peter’s School 2018-2020
  • Voice tutor School of Media Arts, WINTEC 2019
  • Voice tutor St Peter’s School, Cambridge
  • The Actor’s Voice workshop for Sacred Heart Girls’ College
  • Musical Theatre Teen Voice Class (Ongoing – I created the class I dreamed of being able to attend as a teen. It’s the best thing I do.)
  • Musical Theatre Audition Skills workshops for Hamilton Operatic Society, St Peter’s School and public workshops
  • Estill Voice Training Level 1 & 2 courses Paul Farrington (2014) and Anne-Marie Speed (2018, 2019)
  • Singing For Non Singers workshops in Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge
  • DipABRSM (Singing)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies)

Shane Cortese

I had the pleasure of Scot’s guidance during my prep for the national tour of State Highway 48.

A new musical, with complex harmonies and an important story to be told through those lyrics and melodies. Scot not only gave me fantastic help over that period, he always filled me in particular with confidence to not only carry out the song but to try new things.

His understanding of how musical theatre is, should be, and works for each performer is due to him having “walked the walk”. I personally can’t wait to work with him again.