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Kids Sing!

Class Times:

Saturdays 2.45pm – 3.45pm


$40 / 1 Hour Class (Paid in full at the start of the term)


Scot Hall Voice Studio.
36 Raleigh St, Leamington, Cambridge

Does your child simply love to sing?

Kids Sing! is a home for 9-12 year-olds who love to sing and want to learn how to use their voices confidently and make new friends who are just like them.

In these 1 hour classes students learn to build vocal range and control, sing expressively and tunefully, and shift between vocal styles, all in a positive space that encourages friendship, belonging and self confidence.

My goal is to fuel the students’ existing passion and give them the confidence to share their voice inside and outside of the studio at this transitional age. Whether it’s putting their hand up for their school rockband, auditioning for a musical or writing and recording their own songs, I want these young people to feel confident sharing their talents and to know that their contribution is valuable.

Class activities include:

  • Singing in a range of styles (pop, musical theatre, folk, jazz and more)

  • Vocal techniques to develop singing range, tone, ease and clarity

  • Opportunity to perform as a group at our studio Summer and Winter Vocal Showcases
  • Singing in harmony and reading music

  • Performance skills – acting through song, finding the story in the music

  • Challenges, games, kahoots and fun competitions 



Class numbers are limited, with a maximum of 10 places available. Sign up using the form below, and include any questions you have about the class.

Tania Evans

Alexa’s favourite part of the week is attending Scot’s singing class!

In only 6 months with Scott her singing has come a long way. She understands how to best use her voice and further it’s ignited her love of music and performance.

Thank you Scot!