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Adults Acting Class

Class Times:

Wednesdays 8.30pm-9.30pm



Term 1 2024: 10 Classes ($400)


Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato Gate 1

Are you ready to take your acting to the next level?


Are you a passionate actor looking to bring your best self to your performances and auditions?

Do you want to join a community of growth-minded performers who are actively working on their art and growing their actor's toolkit? 

Have you been looking for a space where you’re encouraged to find depth and dimension in a range of satisfying characters and texts, and explore the full range of your artistry, empathy and expression?

Adults Acting Class is a creative and energising boutique acting class focusing on practicing and expanding the skills of the professional actor.

Alongside a great group of new friends and colleagues, students will gain tools for developing rich and complex characters, finding authenticity and ownership in a range of texts and developing connection, inner confidence and unselfconsciousness in performance.

All levels of experience are welcome in our class - the only requirements are passion for performing and kindness and support for your fellow students.


Here's what you'll do in class:

  • Explore a range of exercises and techniques to help you perform truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

  • Work with your classmates to find deep connection, presence and unselfconsciousness in your acting.

  • Practice breaking down, connecting to, and bringing to life text in a range of styles from different media (films, plays, monologues).
  • Develop your Actor's Tools (Voice, Body and Imagination) so that you can freely express yourself in the moment.
  • Experience the key differences between acting for film and theatre.

  • Gain inner confidence and self belief. Become comfortable bringing 100% of yourself to each project and learn how to use the massive advantage of your individuality to bring your work to life. 

Meet The Teacher


Scot is a highly experienced actor, director and voice teacher who specialises in musical theatre. A familiar face to Waikato audiences, his recent roles include Javert in Les Miserables, Mr Banks in Mary Poppins and Msr. Andre in The Phantom of the Opera. 

He has taught, performed and directed throughout New Zealand for over 10 years, and particularly enjoys helping performers build confidence and self-esteem through creative performance.

Scot has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and has trained with NIDA Acting Techniques in Melbourne and at the Globe Theatre, London as a member of the NZ Young Shakespeare Company. He was the NZ Top Scholar in Drama and has continued his professional development through workshops with a range of NZ acting luminaries including Simon Ferry, Stuart Devenie, Miranda Harcourt, Colin McColl, and Rachel Henry. 

His teaching style is positive and inclusive, with a special emphasis on inner confidence and unselfconsciousness.

Te Whare  Tapere Iti


Classes take place at the stunning Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, at the University of Waikato.

Our light filled space Te Whare features a floor to ceiling window looking out over the lake, and a spacious playing area for your creativity to flourish. There is ample space in the Academy’s beautiful foyer if you arrive early or have people waiting for you, and the campus grounds make for a lovely walk too.