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Adult Musical Theatre Class

Class Times:

Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm



Term 2 2024: 10 Classes ($400)


Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato Gate 1

Are you ready to level up your musical theatre performance?


Are you involved in musical theatre in the Waikato (or want to be) and know that you have untapped potential?

Do you miss being able to invest the time into your passion to help your performance be the best that it can be?

Are you frustrated at the lack of musical theatre training opportunities for adults? Hello! I'm still here! 

This is the class for you!

This weekly musical theatre class for performers aged 18+ is an opportunity to develop your craft through ongoing training in a fun, focused and friendly environment.

You will learn specialist skills for singing, dancing and acting from Scot and guest tutors, plus the all important (and often ignored) practice of putting it together. You'll gain valuable practice sharing your work with the group and getting feedback, support, snaps and connection with your community of musical theatre performers.

Whether you're looking to:

  • Grow your performance confidence

  • Develop your skillset to more than “just” a singer/dancer/actor

  • Be considered for lead/different/featured roles

  • Be a leader in your theatre community
  • Gain the experience and confidence to be cast in productions

  • Extend your strengths and improve your weaknesses

  • Pursue higher education or a career in musical theatre

This class has been made for you.

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Meet The Teacher


Scot is highly experienced actor, director and voice teacher who specialises in musical theatre. A familiar face to Waikato audiences, his recent roles include Javert in Les Miserables, Mr Banks in Mary Poppins and Msr. Andre in The Phantom of the Opera. 

He has taught, performed and directed musicals throughout New Zealand for over 10 years, and particularly enjoys helping performers build self belief and confidence through through practical and repeatable tools and exercises.

Scot created and lead the Musical Theatre Academy programme at St Peter's Cambridge.  He owns a thriving private voice studio in Cambridge and hosts workshops throughout NZ including The Actor’s Voice, Singing for Non Singers, Musical Theatre Audition Skills and more.

His teaching style is positive and inclusive, with a special emphasis on student creativity and supporting a range of learning styles. 

Teaching Philosophy:

  1. Always praise, never lie.
  2. Kindness first.
  3. Everyone has a beautiful voice.  

Scot will be joined by guest tutors across the year so that you have access to the best possible training in all areas of musical theatre. 

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Te Whare  Tapere Iti


Classes take place at the stunning Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, at the University of Waikato.

Our light filled space Te Whare features a floor to ceiling window looking out over the lake, and a spacious playing area for your creativity to flourish. There is ample space in the Academy’s beautiful foyer if you arrive early or have people waiting for you, and the campus grounds make for a lovely walk too.