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Focus Sessions

For singers looking for an energetic, uplifting one-off session 

Get practical tips, laser focused feedback, ”quick fixes” and singing support as and when you need them.

A focus session is perfect for you if...

  • You have an audition coming up and want to put your best foot forward.

  • You’re looking for help with a particular vocal challenge – a tricky song, persistent break, quiet/loud section, or just in need of some feedback (and encouragement!).

  • You want to explore a new style. Maybe it’s finally time to learn to belt safely! Or add that “legit“ lyrical ballad to your audition book.

  • You’re itching to take ongoing private lessons but are currently on the waiting list. This way you can get your singing fix, with the flexibility of a one-off session.
  • You’ve been cast in a show (woohoo!) and want to learn your parts and be a leader in rehearsals.

  • You’ve been asked to sing at a concert/recording/friend’s wedding/talent show and want to boost your confidence.

  • You’re a singer/songwriter working on a new song or looking for a vocal tune-up.



In Studio (Cambridge)
Online via Zoom




 45 minutes 




$100 / SESSION


 Beth Haigh

“After some less than pleasant experiences with singing teachers as a child, I came to Scot as a very nervous singer, and my time working with him has been absolutely transformational. 

There has never been any question as to whether I was a good singer, the assumption has always been that I am, and so I got on board with the idea and my confidence has grown immeasurably. 

I have loved that through learning with Scot, I have an understanding of the actual mechanics of my voice and what’s happening in there, and can produce sounds I could only dream of as a young musical theatre geek!”

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Mike Williams


“Seeing Scot for singing lessons was one of the best decisions of my life. Despite many years of involvement in musical theatre, I lacked musical confidence and never truly trusted my voice. As a result I hated auditions, and even worse, often felt I had kind of faked my way into the roles I got.

Scot’s personal coaching helped me understand my voice and what I’m capable of. He taught me to not only make better use of my instrument, but to relax and enjoy myself in the process. And I know it will keep getting better the more I do it. Honestly, for me working with Scot has been a liberating, transformational, enriching experience that I know will continue.”